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Slackjaw Articles

Week-Ahead Projection Email From My Anxiety

I Asked Soccer Commentator Ray Hudson To Narrate My Day And It Was Magisterial!

Spilling The Tea On Every Gilded Age First Lady

Points In Case Articles

I’m That Fixer-Upper House in an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood, But Beware, I’ve Seen a Lot of Orgies

Ranking the Top 8 Most Notorious White Boy Summers Throughout History

Flexx Articles

‘Homina Blastima, Enama Polap!’ Local Sims Protest Proposed Mega-House – Co Written with Gwen Coburn

Military Officials Scrambling After Leaked Documents Detail Afghanistan War Crimes By The General

Little Old Lady (LOL) Comedy Articles

I, Gerardus Mercator, Am Done Apologizing For My Terrible Map

The Foreigner Blog Articles

Quick Tips: What to Expect When Marrying Into A Southern African Family

An Open Letter to The Chef at My Favorite Jamaican Restaurant Who Never Wants to Serve Me Food

The Haven Articles

MLB, Fox Announce New Broadcast Initiative: The Ayn Rand Freedom Fighter Week

IRS Delays Tax Returns As Employees Continue Mourning the Death of DMX

Wry Times Articles

The 6 Types of IPA Drinkers You’ll Meet at a Party

Medium Posts

High school Students Recruited as Teachers to Keep Schools Open

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